Imminent Body is a speculative design project aiming to shift understanding of Artificial Intelligence through textiles. What can happen with society if it is now forced to interact and understand things and devices in a different way? How can textiles enable us to envision our ability to comprehend the boundaries and outcomes of the interaction between conscious materials and us? ​This was the MA project for Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins in London, UK.

‘Imminent Body comes at a time in which the industry of wearable technology is starting to flourish. Although the work draws on mysterious sources of inspiration such as techno animism, one can envision how the emotional connections we make with our technology could develop. As clothing begins to deliver a task beyond warmth, privacy and identity, how will care for it? Will our materials talk back to us or alter our mood? … Daniela’s imagination takes this integrated technology and places it within the context of playful personalities. She asks us to question what it means to have an emotional relationship with something that is not human, with something that wishes to be human or rather something that we wish performed like a human.’
(Words by Dawn Bendick at Artists & Algorists)