Moscow: What is that you treasure the most?

During the past few years the car has become more and more a moving computer. A complex system that receives, processes and delivers information to its user. The interest in secret gatherings as well as the quest for authenticity through the revision of the Soviet aesthetic heritage are the two aspects from The Introspects that mark the strong sense of belonging from the integrants of this group. These two aspects originated Pulse by Nissan. 

The proposal considers the design of a ring that works as an analog key which gives access to a digital profile on the car with all the stored incoming data from navigation, social networking and media. The information is safely stored in the car’s computer and can be removed by the user as a physical backup.

In the spirit of a secret cabinet, the most treasured possessions are safe and well protected in this device, only accessible with a key that becomes more and more precious with its usage. The car interior will be designed under the premise of always having an unnoticeable place to keep important things,using the semantics of concealed spying devices as an aesthetic code for the material exploration and development.